(the action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival.)



rebirthe. is the result of surviving a dark period of my life. During this time I read a book by an author named Marianne Williamson called "A Return to Love" which led me to embark on a journey inward to self-discovery, and then onward to healing and transformation. 

My voyage into healing inspired a revival of creative expression that had, for too long, lay dormant inside a broken man. 

It is now my passion and pleasure to co-create, with my client's, unique and custom, hand painted works of wearable art; designed with love to express the individuality of each soul who wears them. 



rebirthe. is my art. 

humanity is my canvas. 

-Adam Podsednik



Fur-baby Collection

My clients love their fur-babies so much that it's hard to leave them at home. With my custom made shirt paintings they can wear their babies anywhere they go!

AE9372D6-D984-4303-8225-49FD5C5FDCDD 2.jpg

Icons Collection

My clients tastes in art, film, music, and comic book culture create a  fun and creative opportunity to wear and embody the energy of their  favorite heroes. 


Angel Wings Collection

Inspired by the many Angels in my own life, this collection gives my clients the wings to soar with their spiritual support team; each Angel wing is as unique as the love bearers who wear them! 

IMG_4972 2.jpg
IMG_4984 3.jpg

Spirit Animal Collection

From butterflies to tigers..from otters to unicorns; my clients express their individuality by wearing the animals that resonate most with their spirit!


Loved Ones Collection

Some of my favorite 'loved ones' shirts have included dads, grandmothers, great-grandparents, and children. Sometimes our heroes are our own family members!

IMG_2845 2.jpg


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